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Wholesale and partnership

Wholesale and partnership

By purchasing OnKron products, you increase the competitiveness of your online or offline store because:

  • We are the official manufacturer of this product.
  • Each of our products is made to the highest standards;
  • Our strict one TV carts and workstations , Desk holders and Wall mounts perfectly meet the needs of recipients
  • We offer retailers the opportunity to obtain a margin of up to 100% when selling our goods;
  • You get territory protection: Your store will be the only one that carries a specific product line in a given geographic region.;
  • Your order will be shipped using the best logistics companies that meet your price and speed expectations.
  • The percentage of defective components is very low (~0.07%), such components are easily replaced with new units.

Your store is located in Poland ? Take advantage of the opportunity to order equipment from our Polish warehouses!

  • No minimum order required
  • Delivery takes 3-5 days
  • All taxes and fees included
  • Accepting all payments in advance
  • Interested? Write to us at

Products purchased through the Affiliate Program do not include shipping costs, so if you are registered as an Affiliate , we will calculate shipping costs and send you an invoice with additional shipping costs before shipping the products. Affiliates can get significant discounts when purchasing in bulk because shipping in bulk is much cheaper per item cost than shipping individually.

Need more information? click here to apply to our dealer application.