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Uchwyt biurkowy dla monitora 13"-32" maks 9 kg, nachylny i obrotowy, z obracaniem, biały G100

zł 34780

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Danielle H.
Great Mount for Heavier Monitors

This was the third mount I had purchased for a 32 inch monitor. All of them claimed to withstand heavier monitors, but this one was the first to live up to the claim.We have a 16 pound, 32 inch monitor and this works incredibly well. The range of motion is perfect for a single monitor, and it was easy to put together.If you have a heavier monitor, I recommend a padded reinforcement piece to place between the desk and mount, just to protect your desk. The only other thing to note is that I had to increase the tension A LOT. It felt like it wasn’t really changing anything at first, but I promise, it does. Just keep increasing the tension until you can move the mount to ANY position and it doesn’t pull down or spring up.The 32 inch monitor has full range of motion, vertically and horizontally. One of the mounts id purchased did not allow for anything larger than 27 inches to go vertical, but this one does and still has room.The white is sleek, and while it is a bigger arm, it’s easy to maneuver it so it’s unobtrusive.Definitely worth the purchase!

Simple to install, very stable

Installed two of these on a 1½ inch table, each holding a 14.8 pound 32" monitor.1. The included instructions were super easy to follow.2. The assembly itself was straight forward.3. The included cable management channels organize and hide cables really well.4. Thick metal bracket, foam spots on the base to avoid scratching your table.5. Very stable, typing and bumping the table and monitors remain solid. No funny business.6. Great minimalistic look.

Nice looking and sturdy mount. Holds my 34" ultra wide.

Pros:Matches my white monitor pretty well.Easy to assemble.Sturdy.Comes with many different bolt sizes.Comes with all tools necessary for installation.Good price.Cons:Bottom does not swivel 360 degrees. More like 340 side to side.Cable management "hooks". Depending on your DP cable it will be hard to fit (looking at you beefy Amazon basics DP cable). Though I think if the hooks were softer the fat cable would fit through easier. If your cable is thinner you won't have this problem.

G100 – Odkryj nowy poziom komfortu

Rozmiar monitora


Maksymalne obciążenie

do 9 kg

Ramię wysuwa się

do 61 cm

Regulacja wysokości

17-50.5 cm




-90° ~ +45°


VESA measurment

W tylnej części telewizora można znaleźć cztery otwory montażowe. Wymiary mocowania VESA są mierzone od środka jednego otworu montażowego do środka drugiego w milimetrach. W powyższym przykładzie wymiary VESA wynoszą 100 (szerokość) x 100 (wysokość). Do tego telewizora pasuje mocowanie VESA 100 x 100..
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