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ONKRON summer releases

ONKRON summer releases

Discover new ONKRON products designed to improve the quality of life!

TS1351R is a fully functional compact TV stand. Compared to the TS1351 mobile cart, the main feature of this stand is the ability to switch the screen to portrait mode without having to reinstall. Watch vertical videos, photos, display ads to your customers - everything is possible with one move. The sturdy shelf is designed to accommodate all the additional equipment you need. The TV stand is also safe: rubberized wheels with a locking mechanism will not damage any floor, and the trolley will stand still on uneven floors. Suitable for screens up to 65" and weighing up to 45 kg.
Another mobile TV stand that allows you to instantly switch the screen to portrait mode. It is larger than the 1351R, making it an ideal option for a customer service area, office or small shopping mall storefront. The TV trolley is stable thanks to a wide, solid base, which also provides space for additional equipment. The TS1551R stand comes with a shelf, and if you need even more space, you can purchase another shelf. The TV stand is compatible with 75-inch TVs weighing up to 45 kg (99 lb).


Every mini-PC user knows how important the compact size of the device is. However, this size has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it does not take up much space and is handy to take with you. The disadvantage becomes visible during stationary use, because it is very easy to drop the mini-PC on the floor, and in addition, the cables spoil the aesthetics of the interior design. The A2N mini-PC adapter holder has been designed specifically to solve these problems. With this mount, you can easily install the device behind a monitor's VESA panel, a mount or stand column, or simply under a desk.

Additionally, two models of wall mounts - FM6 and TM6 - have received a major update, making them even more functional and convenient to use. These wall mounts differ from their previous versions in that they can now support larger screen sizes. In addition, the level and release straps of the Click'n'Pull system have been updated. The level now comes with a cord so you can drill holes evenly, and with the installation of the holder, your toolbox will have a new tool! The strips have not only changed visually, but also received notches that can be hidden behind the TV after installation.