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VESA Mounting Standards Choose the Right Mount

VESA is the Video Electronics Standards Association – an organization founded in the 1980s with headquarters in California, created to set standards for computer displays.

stabilizing standards helps to ensure that electronics made by different companies both provide adequate value to the user, and maintain compatibility with each other. With the lines between computer monitors and digital televisions blurring, VESA standards tend to apply to both today.

Usually, standardized manufacturing is something that only engineers and designers worry about. However, you may run headlong into it when you try to mount a television or monitor on a VESA stand, and discover that it isn't made to VESA mounting standards. The reverse is also true – VESA monitors and TV screens often won't fit on non-VESA compliant stands. In part because acquiring the blueprints for VESA standards isn't free, many companies still make screens that don't match up to VESA measurements at all.

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