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About us

design team

ONKRON is a world leader in the design and production of mounts and stands for TVs, monitors and other electronic and household appliances.

Main areas of interest:

Workplace ergonomics - workstations, desk holders, etc.
Brackets and stands for TVs, monitors and household appliances
Professional solutions for installation projects of any complexity
The brand is owned by BM Global Group Corp. headquartered in Dallas, TX, with European offices in Germany, Italy and the UK, as well as branches in China and Kenya. advantages

ONKRON products can be found in stores worldwide and online in all major markets. We pay special attention to the corporate sector, where ONKRON grips have gained trust and are used in various fields, from schools and universities to large offices, gyms and government agencies.

ONKRON has its own production plants in China, which perform the following operations:

stamping, bending, welding and cutting of steel;
painting parts;
production of plastic and silicone elements,
and finally, assembly of the final products using a conveyor system.
This allows us to fulfill large orders, provide better customer service, maintain tight quality control and keep up with the demands and challenges of a rapidly changing global marketplace.

We have a team of internal designers and engineers working in branches in the USA and China, and we also cooperate with contemporary design studios in Italy and Germany, which allows us to create interesting construction solutions and modern design.

All products undergo a two-step testing process, both using dedicated engineering software and on-site at our testing locations.

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