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Mobile TV stand 32" - 65" up to 32.6 kg ONKRON TS1661, Black

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Customer Reviews

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The best!

First t.v stand I've put together & easy it was..very sturdy good quality did think bit pricey but its so well made so well worth it i have large sony 55in..if you have large t.v buy this & nothing else! NOTHING ELSE.

Wayne P. Weddington III
Great idea. Build quality is not the "Made in USA" that I grew up on.

This product satisfied a particular need for us because we decided not to install our television to a fixed permanent place in our home.... not least of all because content, while ubiquitous, is consistently great. Anyway we purchased the item and had a professional assembler put it together on premises. On our first use of the television I noticed that the welds on the attachment piece broke loose.... So the television while still attached is hanging by a thread, which is dangerous. To be fair I have not contacted customer service yet (I shall) however I am disappointed that something as controllable as a weld, which speaks to the quality of operations on the factory floor was poorly done. I try to purchase Made in USA products because it supports US jobs and the economy overall. However, we must also retake the mantle of fabricating the best, safest and highest-quality-per-buck products in the world.UPDATE: Customer service was responsive and understanding. ONKRON sent a replacement unit. It is stable and works as one hoped. I have upgraded the rating to four stars.


Easy to assemble, despite limited instructions. Solid product of quality. I'd buy again without hesitation.

Shar G
Sturdy tv stand

I was able to assemble this item up to a point, then had to call in the maintenance guy in my building to figure out the rest. Also, one of the shelves was incorrectly drilled by the manufacturer so we ended up not being able to use it. Beyond those issues, this stand is just what I needed.

Davi Santos
What an awesome tv stand cart. The perfect item for my screen mounts.

This tv stand was an awesome addition to my screens mounts. Great price, quality and durability. I am super happy with my purchasing.

About ONKRON TS1661 Black

height adjustable columns
100x100 - 600x400
height adjustable columns
Max Load
72 lbs.
height adjustable columns
Aluminum, steel
height adjustable columns
32" - 65"

At ONKRON, we took some of the best features from our most popular TV cart and introduced model TS1661. This mobile stand offers an excellent balance between form and function, quality and value.

ONKRON TS1661 in interior

Imagine the possibilities! First, our portable cart eliminates the cost and uncertainty of permanent wall installation. The TS1661 is great for spot on marketing, information sharing, streaming, telecommuting, hotel work stations, gaming and entertainment, designed for virtually any room in the house, in apartment rentals, converted garages, and game rooms. Conduct your next Super Bowl party on your patio. Relax after a busy day or even share your memories while entertaining company.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Universal VESA Standard Mount

Supports televisions with diagonal from 32” up to 55 inches.
Fits practically all modern screens - LCD, LED, OLED, Ultra HD, curved and flat panel screens with VESA mounting standards: 100 x 100 mm, 200 x 100 mm, 200 x 200 mm, 400 x 400 mm, 600 x 200 mm and up to 600 x 400 mm.

height adjustable columns
Heavy-duty Steel Base

Aluminum alloy frame makes rolling TV cart light and strong – you can easily wheel it around. Designed to hold TV sets weighing up to 72 lb.

height adjustable columns
AV shelves

Comes with 2 accessory shelves with a loading capacity up to 10 lb. each - for audio video equipment, receivers, gaming accessories or a laptop.

height adjustable columns
Simple Height Adjustment

Telescopic column designed to lower or raise your TV screen without any tools. No need to take the TV off the mount. Available height adjustment range is from 38 up to 59 inches off the floor to the middle of the screen in 2-inch increments.

Important: When adjusting the height, please lift the TV up a little bit before pulling the knob, and only then adjust the height.

height adjustable columns
Lockable Caster Wheels

High quality rubber caster wheels: lockable, won't scratch the floor, and rolls easily across smooth surfaces. Wheels are easily locked, preventing the stand from accidental moving for maximum safety.
Standard wheel diameter is 1.6 inches; however, 3 inch diameter wheels AWL75 can be purchased separately

TS1661 manual

Find Product Manual HERE .
How to measure VESA
VESA measurement

VESA patterns are measured by the center of one mounting hole to the center of another on the back of a television in millimeters. In the example above, the VESA measurements are 100 (width) x 100 (height). The example TV would be able to use a VESA 100 x 100 mount.
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