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Monitor holder 13"-32" weighing up to 9 kg ONKRON G100, White

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Danielle H.
Great Mount for Heavier Monitors

This was the third mount I had purchased for a 32 inch monitor. All of them claimed to withstand heavier monitors, but this one was the first to live up to the claim.We have a 16 pound, 32 inch monitor and this works incredibly well. The range of motion is perfect for a single monitor, and it was easy to put together.If you have a heavier monitor, I recommend a padded reinforcement piece to place between the desk and mount, just to protect your desk. The only other thing to note is that I had to increase the tension A LOT. It felt like it wasn’t really changing anything at first, but I promise, it does. Just keep increasing the tension until you can move the mount to ANY position and it doesn’t pull down or spring up.The 32 inch monitor has full range of motion, vertically and horizontally. One of the mounts id purchased did not allow for anything larger than 27 inches to go vertical, but this one does and still has room.The white is sleek, and while it is a bigger arm, it’s easy to maneuver it so it’s unobtrusive.Definitely worth the purchase!

Simple to install, very stable

Installed two of these on a 1½ inch table, each holding a 14.8 pound 32" monitor.1. The included instructions were super easy to follow.2. The assembly itself was straight forward.3. The included cable management channels organize and hide cables really well.4. Thick metal bracket, foam spots on the base to avoid scratching your table.5. Very stable, typing and bumping the table and monitors remain solid. No funny business.6. Great minimalistic look.

Nice looking and sturdy mount. Holds my 34" ultra wide.

Pros:Matches my white monitor pretty well.Easy to assemble.Sturdy.Comes with many different bolt sizes.Comes with all tools necessary for installation.Good price.Cons:Bottom does not swivel 360 degrees. More like 340 side to side.Cable management "hooks". Depending on your DP cable it will be hard to fit (looking at you beefy Amazon basics DP cable). Though I think if the hooks were softer the fat cable would fit through easier. If your cable is thinner you won't have this problem.

About ONKRON G100 White

height adjustable columns
75x75 - 100x100
height adjustable columns
Max Load
19.8 lbs.
height adjustable columns
Aluminum, plastic
height adjustable columns
13" - 32"

The ONKRON G100 is a gaslift-powered monitor arm for flat and curved computer screens weighing up to 19.8 lb. with diagonals from 13" to 32". The mounting bracket is VESA compatible (75 mm x 75 mm minimum to 100 mm x 100 mm maximum) with most flat or curved monitors: LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, HD, 4K.

ONKRON G100 in interior

Without a doubt, among the advantages of ONKRON G100 monitor arm are modern design, high quality, and simplicity of use.
ONKRON desktop monitor mounts are designed to suit the highest quality of life.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame

Fits most 13 to 32- inch LCD, OLED, LED monitors (Dell, Acer, HP, Samsung, ASUS, BenQ, etc.) up to 19.8 lb. with 75x75 mm or 100x100 mm mounting holes. Great value for money, premium monitor desk mount.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame

The mount's cable management system will keep the wires and chords organized and, even more importantly, out of sight.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame

Built-in gas spring must be adjusted after screen's installation. Turn counterclockwise for heavier screens, and clockwise for lighter ones.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame

Supports an up-down tilt from +90° to-45°, left-right swivel 180° and 360° rotation. Rotate it into landscape or portrait view, and fix it in any position on your eye level. The improved design of the monitor desk mount allows it to extend up to 24.2" in length and rise to 19.8" in height.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame

The kit includes step-by-step instructions with pictures and everything you need for installation. Mounts to the edge of the desk with a C-clamp or through the grommet hole.

G100 product manual

Find Product Manual HERE
How to measure VESA
VESA measurement

VESA patterns are measured by the center of one mounting hole to the center of another on the back of a television in millimeters. In the example above, the VESA measurements are 100 (width) x 100 (height). The example TV would be able to use a VESA 100 x 100 mount.
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