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ONKRON G80 desk holder for 13"-32" monitors up to 8 kg, white

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Type: Desk Mount

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Customer Reviews

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José A.José A.
Buen producto, salvo una pega

Acabo de montar el brazo Onkron y, aunque todavía no he colocado el monitor, la impresión que da es francamente buena. Pero… una de las piezas necesarias para montar la base en el borde de la mesa es defectuosa, como puede verse en la foto: la rosca de la pieza en L está torcida, de manera que el espárrago roscado queda oblicuo. He obviado el problema recurriendo a la otra forma de montaje (con agujero a través de la mesa). Así pues, suspenso para el control de calidad del fabricante.

Margaret M
Feels sturdy, holds up a big monitor

I used this for my 28" Samsung UHD display, and it worked great.If your monitor is within this mount's acceptable range and the mount doesn't seem to be able to hold up the monitor's weight, try adjusting the upward tension.At the hinge between the two sections of the mount, there is a Allen screw with a +/- sign engraved around it. Tightening it towards the + (counterclockwise) will allow the mount to hold up a heavier monitor.The instructions do not seem to explicitly state this, and it is not terribly intuitive, which is a failure of the product, but not enough for me to dock a star.I debated springing for a more expensive mount (this was 35 dollars for me), but decided to take a risk, and it works perfectly for me.If your desk is tight against a wall, and you don't want your monitor 3/4 of the way across your desk up against your nose, you can adjust the arms so that the monitor is also up against the wall (arm swivels at the base, have both segments one on top of the other)

Instructions lacked out how to increase arm tension.

The arm looks like its well made and was easy to assembly

Jon D. Simmons
stop comparing and just buy this one

I bought one of these last year for work and it has been great. I have a sit/stand desk at the office and this arm has been rock solid. I adjust it up when standing and down when seated. It worked so well that when I wanted a new monitor for my home office, I didn't even look at other brands and just bought another one of these.It works as expected, is stable and easy to adjust the tension to get it how you want. Great product, super easy to use, great quality materials, and works a ONLY complaint that kept this from being a 5 star rating is that there isn't any detent or index in the rotation head that sets you at level. As you can imagine if you are moving up and down often you may rotate it slightly. It would be great if there was some kind of 'notch' when it is level so that you aren't staring at your monitor trying to make sure it is level after you've moved it.

Jeffrey Purvin
Sturdy, easy to assemble. One issue

This is a good product and does what it says it does.Only issue is that the bottom joint above the desk mounting bracket points 90 degrees to the left and can't apparently be twisted to point straight into the desk as depicted in the assembly guide. Contacted Amazon chat and they couldn't tell me how to twist that bottom joint.Update: the unit's Amazon Seller, TVMountsTVCarts, got to me with the following helpful advice: "In order to rotate the arm of desk mount in different directions, you need to install it with monitor on your desk. And due to the weight and stability it will be easier to rotate arm." Haven't tried it yet, but this makes sense, and I appreciate their prompt response.

About ONKRON G80 White

height adjustable columns
75x75 - 100x100
height adjustable columns
Max Load
17.6 lbs.
height adjustable columns
Aluminum, steel
height adjustable columns
13" - 32"

The ONKRON G80 is a gaslift-powered monitor arm for flat and curved computer screens weighing up to 17.6 lb. with diagonals from 13" to 32". The mounting bracket is VESA compatible (75 mm x 75 mm minimum to 100 mm x 100 mm maximum) with most flat or curved monitors: LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, HD, 4K.

ONKRON G80 in interior

Without a doubt, among the advantages of ONKRON G80 monitor arm are modern design, high quality, and simplicity of use.
ONKRON desktop monitor mounts are designed to suit the highest quality of life.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Versatile VESA panel

VESA mounting standards: 75x75, 100x100. The VESA panel can be easily installed and uninstalled, tilted or rotated.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Reinforced VESA plate

The mount is made of high-quality materials and the VESA plate features reinforcement ribs which improves load capacity.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Cable management

The mount's cable management system will keep the wires and chords organized and, even more importantly, out of sight.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Two ways of installation

The mount can be installed onto the edge of the desk using a C-clamp or through a grommet hole. Desktop thickness 0.39"-3.46". The clamp is made of 5mm-thick (0.2") SPCC steel which will not bend even under enourmous weight! Max diameter of grommet hole is 2.36".

Video G80 White

How to measure VESA
VESA measurement

VESA patterns are measured by the center of one mounting hole to the center of another on the back of a television in millimeters. In the example above, the VESA measurements are 100 (width) x 100 (height). The example TV would be able to use a VESA 100 x 100 mount.
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